Professional Screwdriver Set, Pentalobe P2 (.8mm), Philips PH00 (1.5mm), Tri-Wing (.6mm)


This is literally the best screwdriver set we carry. It's precise, it's professional, and it's meant to be used by someone who repairs devices for a living. They'll come to appreciate how well these bits last and the overall ergonomic feel of the screwdriver.
If you're a professional or really want to own a nice set of screwdrivers for an iPhone repair, go ahead and buy this set. You won't be disappointed.
And the bits can be changed out if they ever get worn on. For replacement bits, just contact us here. 
Material: S2, Copper Handle
Fixed driver (interchangeable heads) with labour saving spinning top.
Each screwdriver will come individually packed in its own protective casing.


Category: Screwdriver Set

Type: Screwdriver