iPhone 7 Plus Repair Toolkit W/ Pentalope P2, Philips PH000, Tri-Point Y000 .6mm



This is a professional screwdriver set and will work on your iPhone 5 series all the way to the iPhone 7 series.
For any iPhone repair you'll need the Philips Ph000 and Pentalobe P2. This set has these two screwdrivers and also the Y000 (.6mm) Tri-Wing Y Screwdriver that's needed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. This set also has the Flathead 2.0 and Pentalobe P5 (Used on Macbooks Pro/Air models) and Hex 2.5 screwdriver heads.
So you're getting a total of six screwdrivers here.
This is a solid set to have for your next iPhone repair.


Category: iPhone 7 Screwdriver Set, Screwdriver Set, Tools

Type: Screwdriver